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Sung Hyun Sohn was born in Busan in 1971. He studied photography at Joong Ang University(BFA) and fine art photography at the graduate school of the same university(MFA). He received MFA in visual arts from Rutgers University in the U.S. and is currently pursuing his doctoral study in Department of Cultural Anthropology at Hanyang University Graduate School. Sung Hyun Sohn expresses stories on history, society and economy of the Mongoloid race including the Koreans through visual arts. He is currently deep inside the community of native North Americans, together on a journey to their past and present. Every year, he travels around Mongolia and North America, and talks on various topics and criticizes civilization on current issues through photographs and writings. He participated more than 40 times in exhibitions held in New York, Italy and Germany and also the Gwangju Biennale 2002, and was part of multiple publication projects carried out in Korea and other countries. He wrote 『The Circle Never Ends』(AGIBOOKS, 2007), the story of native Americans, and jointly translated 『Coming to Light』 (Moonji Publishing, 2012), the oral literature of indigenous people. He is the member of Nutopia Forum, a group of New York-based portrait photographers. Now, he is giving lectures on North American culture, geography and cities at a university.

손승현 | 사진가, 인류학자

차가운 물 속을 걷다

1971년 부산에서 태어났으며 중앙대학교 사진학과와 동대학원에서 예술사진(Fine Art Photography)을 공부했다. 미국 럿거스 대학교(Rutgers University)에서 시각예술(Visual Art)로 석사학위(MFA)를 받았고, 한양대학교 문화인류학과 사회인류학 박사과정에 있다. 한국인을 비롯한 몽골리안의 역사, 사회, 경제에 관한 이야기를 시각예술작업으로 진행하고 있으며 북미 원주민 공동체에 깊숙이 들어가 이들의 과거와 현재에 대한 여정을 함께하고 있다. 해마다 몽골과 북미 여러 곳을 여행하며 주된 작업인 사진작업과 글쓰기를 통하여 기록한 내용을 바탕으로 폭넓은 이야기와 더불어 현실 문제에 대한 문명비판도 병행하고 있다. 2002 광주 비엔날레를 비롯해 뉴욕, 이탈리아, 독일에서 50여 차례 전시에 참여했고 국내외의 여러 출판 프로젝트를 진행했다. 지은 책으로 미국 원주민의 이야기인 『원은 부서지지 않는다 The Circle Never Ends』(아지북스, 2007)와 『제 4 세계와의 조우 Close Encounters of the Fourth World』(지오북, 2012), 그리고 공역서로 원주민 구전문학인 『빛을 보다 Coming to Light』(문학과지성사, 2012)가 있다. 뉴욕을 기반으로 하는 초상사진가 그룹 누토피아 포럼(Nutopia Forum)의 회원이다. 현재 대학에서 사진과 디자인, 그리고 북미의 문화와 지리, 그리고 도시에 대한 강의를 하고 있다.

Gaia Arts, Seochogu Bangbaedong 827-3, B1, Seoul, South Korea

Seochogu Bangbaedong 1344 Hyundai Hometown apt 103-901 Seoul, South Korea
Mobile: 82 +10-8607-1971


2011 - Present | Doctoral Reserch program, Department of Curtural Anthropology,
Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
2003 - 2005 | M.F.A Mason Gross School of the Art, Visual Art- Printmaking, Photography,
Video Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, USA
M.F.A Thesis [House of Unification]
1997 - 1999 | M.F.A Department of Photography, Fine Art Photography, Joong Ang University, South Korea
M.F.A Thesis [The Age of Devided Land]
1991 – 1997 | B.F.A Joong Ang University, Department of Photography, South Korea

Professional Experiences

2012 - 2013 | Art Director, [Life - Histories of Korean Diaspora], Hanyang University ERICA Campus, Global lounge Gallery
2012 - 2012 | Exhibition Director, [Drawing workshops – Media Performance] , HILLS, Seoul, Korea
2012 - Present | Planning Committe Member, Kyung Hee Cyber University
2011 - 2011 | The Artist Series 2011 [Sound Song to Noise], LIG Art Hall, Art Directer, Editor
2010 - 2011 | Photo Director, Korean Traditional Market Book, Ministry of Culture. Sports and Tourism
2010 – 2011 | Art Director [Your Text]
2009 – 2011 | Art Director, [Sang, Sang], Mokin Gallery
2010 – 2012 | Planning Committe Member, Gallery EMU
2009 - 2010 | Art Director, [Redesigning the East], Wurttembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany
2008 – 2009 | Project Manager, [Hangeul], 2009 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Sala d’Ercole,Palazd’Accursio, Italy
2007 – 2008 | [Imagnation , Action], Planning Committe Member, Art Director
2007 – 2011 | AGI Studio, Art Director
2007 – 2011 | AGI Society Planning Manger
2004 - 2005 | Assistant Curator, Mason Gross School of the Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
1999 - 2002 | Chief Photographer
The Museum of everyday Life through Korean History (Vol 1-Vol 7),
Sakyejul Publishing Co, Ltd, Seoul, Korea
Chief Editor- Kang, Eun Chun
1998 - 2002 | Group AGI; Agitation : Graphic projects for social issue,

Teaching Experiences

2012 | [Drawing workshops – Media Performance] , HILLS, Seoul, Korea
2009 - Present | [American Cities], Department of American Studies, Kyung Hee Cyber University
2010 - Present | Adjunct Professor, Visual Dialogue Department :
[Graphic Installation]
[Journal & Documentary]
[Designer’s Brand]
[Text & Image]
[Sense & Imagination]
2007 | [2007 EPSON Photo Workshops], Gapyung, Korea

Solo Exhibition

2013 | The Circle Never Ends, Sitting Bull College, Fort Yates, ND, USA
The Circle Never Ends, oglala Lakota College, Kyle, SD, USA
2012 | Life - Histories of Korean Diaspora, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, Seoul, South Korea
2012 | Life - Histories of Korean Diaspora, Hanyang University ERICA Campus, Global Lounge Gallery, Ansan, South Korea
2005 | Unification House, Mason Gross School of the Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
1999 | Shadowy Paradise, Chulwon D.M.Z, Old North Korean Labor Party House, South Korea
1991 | Space of Sprit, Chung Ang University Gallery, South Korea

Group Exhibition

2012 | [Open . Space] Chungju Old Tabacco Manufacturing Plant, Chungju, Korea
2012 | Incheon Archive residency project, Bupyung Art Center, Incheon, Korea
Nomadic program – Time & Space, Arko Museum, Seoul, Korea
2011 | Ksana, Xanadu Art Gallery, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Ksana, South Gobi Museum, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
2011 | K-Graphics, Gallery One, Seoul
2011 | Your Text, Gellery 27, Korea
2010 | Graphic Method, Gallery Miel, Seoul
2010 | Memento Mori, Zero-One Center, Seoul
2010 | Redesigning the East, Wurttembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany
2009 | Made in Korea, Hanover, Sinn Leffers, Germany,
2009 | Hangeul, Bologna, Sala d’Ercole, Palazzo d’Accursio, Italy
2009 | Memento Mori, Mokin Gallery, Seoul
2008 | Sang Sang, Mokin Gallery, Seoul
2007 | Green Art festival Exhibition, Seoul, Daejon, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, Jeunju, South Korea
2005 | RCIPP New Print 2004, Mason Gross School of the Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
2004 | Unbroken, Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, USA,
Last Summer , Time Square Lobby Gallery, New York, USA
2002 | Gwangju Biennale-Project 3; Stay of Execution
(Court House, Reconstructed 518 Liberty Park, Gwangju), South Korea
2001 | Wind, Wind, Wind, Gwanghwamoon Gallery, Seoul,
View of Atget, Lux Gallery, Seoul, 2002
Design Korea, Seoul Art Center Museum, Seoul
Koan in Seoul is Pyungyang, Gwanghwamoon Gallery, Seoul
2000 Skin, Alternative place Sarubia Dabang
Seoul, Our Photography, Today’s Spirit, Korea Art and Culture Center Gallery, Seoul
Origin of Photography, SK Photo Gallery, Seoul
1999 | Photography looks at us, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
Memorial Photography, Korea Art and Culture Center Gallery, Seoul
Memorial Photography, Hanrim Gallery, Daegon
After War, Dong-A Gallery, Daegu
Cinema Sovereign, Culture Independence, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
Cinema Sovereign, Culture Independence Liberty Park Gallery, Busan


2012 | 『Close Encounters of the Fourth World』 , Sung Hyun Sohn, GEO Book
『Coming to Light -The oral literature of indigenous people』, Moonji Publishing
2007 | 『The Circle Never Ends』, Sung Hyun Sohn, AGI Books, Seoul, Korea
1999 - 2002 | 『The Museum of Everyday Life through Korean History』 (Vol 1-Vol 7)
Sakyejul Publishing Co, Ltd, Seoul , Korea
2001 | 『Wind, Wind, Wind』, Gwanghwamoon Gallery, Seoul
『Seoul, View of Atget』, Noonbit Press,Seoul
『Design Korea』, Seoul Art Center Museum, Seoul
『Koan in Seoul is Pyungyang』, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
2000 | 『A Bird Leaves Feather in Place That Sit』, Achimisl Press
『Our Photography, Today’s Spirit』, Korea Art and Culture Center Gallery, Seoul
『Origin of Photography』, SK Photo Gallery, Seoul
1999 | 『Photography looks at us』 , Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
『Shadowy Paradise』, Sung Hyun Sohn, Seoul


2002 5.18 Foundation, Gwangju, South Korea


2011 | Outstanding Work & Publication Support Business Prize Winner,
『Close Encounters of the Fourth World』, Korea Publication Ethics Commission
2004 - 2005 | Teaching Assistantships, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
2003 | Rutgers Graduate Scholarship, Mason Gross School of the Arts NJ, USA
2002 | Winner of the 42th “Hankook Baek Sang Publishing Culture Grand Prix” Seoul, Korea
2002 | [The Museum of Everyday Life through Korean History] Selected as a theme book
by KBS TV Program “TV Talking about the book advisory committee”
Time for Broadcasting : 50 minute, Thursday, April, 11, 2002
2001 | Joong Ang newspaper’s Selection "Books of Year 2001" Seoul, Korea,
[The Museum of Everyday Life through Korean History]
1993, 1995, 1997 | Academic Scholarship, Chung Ang University
1996 | Gold Prize in National University Fine Art Exhibition Korea


2009 Santa Fe Workshop, New Mexico, USA
2007 Santa Fe Workshop, New Mexico, USA
2004 Photo Expo 2004 workshop, New York, USA
1996 Les XXV11 Rencontres internationals de la Photographie d’Arles, France

Selected Presentation

2012 | [Close Encounters of the Fourth World], Seoul National University
2012 | [Close Encounters of the Fourth World], Seogang University
2011 | [Close Encounters of the Fourth World], Humanitas College, Kyung Hee University
2011 | [Your Text], Gallery 27, K-SAD
2009 | [The Circle Never Ends], Duck Sung Women’s University
2008 | [The Circle Never Ends], Kyung Hee Cyber University, Department of American Studies
2007 | [The Circle Never Ends], The American Studies Association of Korea, Seoul, Korea
2007 | [Portfolio Presentation], Santa Fe Workshops, New Mexico, USA
2007 | [International Artist Residency Program] The Society of Korean Photography, South Korea
2006 | [Artist Conversation] Monthly Photographic Art Magazine “New Photographer”
2006 | [Visiting Artist] Chung Ang University, Korea
2005 | [Insider/outsider - Four Contemporary Korean Photographers] at Parsons School of Design, New york, USA
2002 | [Artist Talk, Stay of Execution], at May 18 Liberty Park, Gwangju, South Korea
2001 | [Visiting Artist], Kyungggi University, Korea
2000 | [Visiting Artist], Kyunghee University, Korea
1999 | [Pinhole Photography], Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea

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