The Anasazi People of Today

2005 - Present
: Native American and their Surroundings

Last few years I was wandering through and small cities in northwest America. I took many pictures of nature, human beings and civilization. Especially, the place were the Native American lived are still in good state of preservation in spite of the highly industrialization. The mystery of nature is so wonderful for me as a stranger here in America. The life of human being is just like struggle for space for live. Strangely, to say where the place of early civilizations are founded at barren land. The early native American tribe in what is now the southwestern part of the United States was the Anasazi. The civilization of Anasazi ancient pueblo Indian had established evoked my imagination and curiosity to an unlimited extent. Anasazi civilizations is covers the state of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah. At the End of Rocky Mountains there are by the name of Mesa Verde, it means the land of green. By A.D 800 there are historical remain and civilization of Anasazi Indians. Some Of the area has perfectly preserved but long time has passed the natives left there. In This place there are huge religious and living facilities for common use. The cosmic scenery is not like real place for living but like fortified megalopolis in tabloid form.

In the New Mexico there are Choco Canyon where had blossomed the culture thousand of years ago. The large stone houses were built with masonry walls more than a meter thick and apartments could have housed a population of ten hundreds. The largest, later Named Publo Bonito(Pretty town) by the Spanish, consisted by a hundred million stones and two hundred thousand lumbers or more. The straight long road around this area is also ends to ten hundreds kilometers. The Anasazi Indians were constructing multistory pueblos-massive, stone apartment compounds. These pueblos represent one of the Anasazis’ supreme achevements. It was really fresh impression on me familiar with ferroconcrete buildings as an urbanite life.

When I was undertook an expedition through the American Anasazi I met lots of people.They might be the descents of the Native American who had lived here before. Through These works I want to look over society and culture of Anasazi Indians. Nowadays they have adapted themselves to new circumstances and have done their roles successfully.These picture of people are honestly showing their social system and environment Around them. I tried to make pictures that the portrait of Native American and the landscape of Anasazi for document of the great culture, civilization and the changing of native life.

I Went through the long journey for recording, it reminded me the notable American Photographer Adam C Vroman(1856-1916)who has exerted a strong influence on my Life. His works exactly described the life of the natives as an anthropologic access just One hundred years before. The more I understood about the human being and the Civilization, the more myself trying to go native.

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